8xMs. Olympia LENDA MURRAY Interview Part One


Lenda Murray, 8 Time Ms. Olympia

Lenda Murray, 8 Time Ms. Olympia and Tom Typinski


This first of 4 interviews is an exclusive conversation with the phenomenal pioneer and ambassador in the sport of Women’s Bodybuilding, Lenda Murray. She is an eight time Ms. Olympia, the highest honor in the sport of physique competitions; a member of the IFBB Hall of Fame, an actress, an ESPN commentator and world recognized spokeswoman for the sport of professional bodybuilding. She is also a mother, grandmother and down to earth friend I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for her entire career, since she first stepped onto a bodybuilding stage here in her hometown of Michigan.

Part One details her early career as an athlete at Western Michigan University, then her quest to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader at the time when the cheerleaders were more famous than the team; and her eventual success with the short-lived UFL in Michigan.

She describes the early days of women in the workout realm from the perspective of the Powerhouse Gym Highland Park, the Mecca of Midwest bodybuilding where many, many professional bodybuilders were nurtured and developed, and many still are to this day. She stood out from the first step and recognized a passion for the sport as a bodybuilding competitor. She had much to learn and now has much to share with what it takes to get on stage in every division of Competitive Physique sports.

The next 3 parts of the Interview delve deeper into her past; with what being Ms. Olympia has meant to her, the opportunities, downfalls and realities it created; and lead right up to her present involvements as a promoter and outstanding spokeswoman for the sport of Physique Competition.

She is a dear friend whom I’m honored to know all these years; centered, blessed, down to earth, practical and real. And now, ladies and gentlemen, for you, The Lenda Murray Interview Part One.