What is Right (and Wrong) With This Routine


This is the Masters Division of the 2015 Nicole Wilkins Natural Michigan Championships.

Sam Awada is a seasoned bodybuilder. He trains at his own home gym and is also a doctor, with 4 kids as well.

Awada comes out with classic poses. He uses the stage well, from his entrance off-stage, to his strut to the opposite end. This draws the audience to his performance and shows his level of confidence and command of attention. Brilliant opening move.

He uses his arms and legs to show an open, welcoming posing style. He has nothing to hide. Despite his weaknesses, he performs open poses that reach across the space of the stage and he moves beautifully.

This is where we see he has the poses in his mind, but not fully in his body. He knows what he wants to look like, but he needed a bit more practice in both solidifying his poses and transitioning from one to the next.

He knows his back is his best feature and, he’s obviously showing off his striated glutes; all done in good taste, and rare to see in Men’s natural Masters competitions. He moves eloquently from one pose to the next, but again, he could have used a little more practice in bringing those poses home. He definitely used the stage well and was not afraid to traverse or come upstage toward the judges and audience. Another seasoned move.

The poses are held long enough and timed perfectly to the powerful music cues. He keeps attention and holds the audience with his charisma and smile. This is a real bodybuilder doing classic, bodybuilding poses, mixed in with dramatic effects. This was one of the best routines of the nightshow.

What do you think about this routine? Let me know by posting your answers here.

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