Bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini models and physique competitors are always quick to question the judges on their placement in an NPC show. The second, third, fourth, last place person will stand in line 20 minutes after a show to talk to a judge about how they placed and why they placed where they did; but they’ll rarely SEE for themselves how they looked up there, how the audience and judges saw their presentation and performance in real time They’ll have an image in their head of their practiced poses, the words from coaches, the feedback from mirrors and adoring friends; but they’ll fail to SEE what everyone else SAW by not looking at the tale of the tape, the videotape. As they say, “the camera does not lie,” and as they say, sound and vision add depth to the final picture.


Why do every high school, college and professional sports team have a designated DAY to watch game tapes? Why do you, as a physique athlete, not take one hour to review what you worked on for 3 months, to a year or more to achieve?

You can look at all your shaky, blurry photos from friends and family from off to the sides or from afar, to try to figure out how you looked. You can see a two-dimensional print of your best, and only your best, postures and expressions that so elegantly showcase and often hide the flaws of an image your mind’s eye holds dear. But the video shows every turn, every angle, every second of every pose in callouts and in the wings. The presentation round is you vs. them, and the camera witnesses it from their eyes. This is your only chance to see EXACTLY what they saw.

Video is a learning tool. Speakers use it. Actors use it. Athletes use it. Entertainers use it. If you really put everything into your day on stage, if you really used every source and tool and input for this most crucial few minutes, how come your arms or legs or butt make you look contorted and uncomfortable? How come you don’t know when you’ve HIT a pose, when to smile, which way to transition? Because you haven’t SEEN what you looked like. You haven’t LOOKED at your performance. You’ve taken the word, or the snapshot that froze time but didn’t tell you you clomped when you walked, or hunched when you stood, or stuck out your arms or neck or shoulders and ruined that beautiful line of muscle you worked so hard to create.

There is no sport more visual than physique and bodybuilding competitions. And until you see how you looked, you will never know how to improve. Until you SEE, you will never KNOW. Because pictures only capture your best moment, while videotape captures the day.

See how winners do it HERE. To see how you did, order the video  HERE.