Gold Trophy

Tonight are the Oscars, the Academy Awards. Everyone who’s ever watched them has practiced their imaginary acceptance speech. Everyone who longs for stardom, success, recognition, dreams of receiving the “trophy,” the reward at the end of the journey, have sat there with smiles or tears or emotions to match the “winners”.

What journey are you on?

What reward  do you long for?

If you’re in a competitive physique sport, is it the first place trophy?

Or is it truly the “journey” and the reward of a fantastic body transformation and optimum health that’s enough gratification for the work enlisted?

What is your acceptance speech?

Who do you want to thank?

Who helped you and supported you and believed in you along the way?

Who is that trophy truly for?

What is that trophy truly for?

As you sit and watch the Oscars tonight, think through these questions and apply them to your quest, your job, your trials, your journey.

Think of what you’re seeking and whom you desire to be there by your side every step of the way, to the end; spouse, Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, friends, God.

Now silently, say thank you to all of those who stand by your side right now, at this stage in your journey; wherever you may be, at the start, near the end, or still looking for the Path. Say, “thank you.”