Personal Training is a Privilege



As trainers, we are given a great privilege and responsibility in the lives of those people who come to us for training. The best trainers know this and are always the ones with full schedules.

New trainees come to us with implicit trust in the information and techniques we propose to them. It is our job to give them the best of what we have if we expect to receive their best efforts and following.

The floors of current mega-gyms are littered with overweight, out-of-shape, irresponsible and ill-informed wanna-bes who not only don’t walk the talk, but don’t know the walk. They are often inattentive, rude, vulgar and a disgrace to those of us truly vested in helping people become safer, smarter, healthier athletes. And a negative influence toward our efforts.


We are not only teaching/coaching/training the one client that stands in front of us; we are training their spouses, friends, children, parents and anyone else whose lives they may touch as a result of the insights or accomplishments you’ve given them.

As trainers, we are also nutritionists, cheerleaders, counselors, doctors, confidantes, and more. They come to us to train and see physical results; but they also come for friendship, companionship, a sounding board, a place of refuge and a place of stability in their challenging world. They don’t want to hear your problems or excuses. They idolize you as an ideal, with the body and disciplines they aspire to. You are paid for your knowledge and support. Do not let them down.


The days are long, the frustrations sometimes more frequent than the rewards; and at times, trainers are as resistant to see their clients as the client’s are to see them. When the trainer is unmotivated, where exactly does that leave the client? When both look forward to the appointments with equal enthusiasm, we all know the magic that happens. We must be creative, knowledgeable, informed, and convincing salespeople who can impart a vision built on the sparse framework of the “idea” of what someone actually wants.

Many people say they’d like like to be trainers, think they can be trainers, sometimes despise us for being trainers, and just as in all walks of life, when those who can’t, become critics. The few who recognize our contributions and merit for teaching those who can’t or won’t, succeed by motivating with a ripple effect; until the lives we touch, touch two more in return, and the goodness we can impart, spreads.


Keep these things in mind as people come to you for training. It is an honor to serve in this way, as we do what we love. We give to humanity on a daily basis. Complain quietly, but give loudly; because if you don’t do the job of taking care of your people, they will find someone who will. Train them compassionately, with an open mind and open heart. Gain trust by giving trust that both of you will achieve the stated goals. See in them what they can’t see in themselves. Hold to their vision, not with your own ego, but with your understanding for their cause. Give, in order to receive.

Physique Posing Fitness & Physique-Sarah Bodary


Sarah Bodary is a Fttness competitor and a Physique competitor. Her attention to detail in all aspects of the sport are phenomenal. She has her own style. From her suits and costumes, to her hairstyles, she shouts, “individual.”

Her fitness routine, seen here at the 2014 Flint/Mid-Michigan, was memorable. She had all the required moves and utilizes the stage over every inch; but she also accomplished the rare ingredient of bringing drama to the performance, by plotting out the course of a cat -burglar/cat-woman, in bad ass fashion, with push-ups, cartwheels, flips and handstands, punctuated by punches and kicks to finish off her invisible foe. It was as memorable as it was enjoyable.

When she cracks the whip, she brings it home; to show she even practiced that. The Devil was in the details of every bit of this splendid routine. This is where true athleticism shows for the women’s Fitness division.

Bodary next competes as a Physique competitor at the 2015 Flint Championships, owning the stage with poses to match the beat of the music; and once again, capitalizing on every inch of floor space across the stage.

We need more of this entertainment aspect in all divisions to save the physique sports from being “4-turns-to-trophy” shows.

AMANDA BETRON National Figure Competitor Part One

Each interview has a certain viewpoint, a certain set of questions that are to be answered. But often, I come away with learning more than I set out to discover.

Amanda Betron is not only super sweet and easy to talk to, she makes you feel you’re an instant friend. She is passionate about the sport of Figure competitions and knowledgeable about what it takes to be a champion. She is tough, dedicated, and a competitor whom realizes that even in defeat, a measure of victory reigns.

The big takeaway in speaking with her is realizing that she has no pretensions, no ulterior motives and nothing but kindness to give to everyone. She is tough in the gym, but one of the nicest people you will ever encounter in this sport, on or off the stage.

Here in Part One she discusses her background, her motivations, her goals, and how she plans to attain them. She also explains what it takes to get from the local level of competition to the National ranks; some tips on cardio and diet; and the importance of using video as a way to monitor your progress through the years.

In her own words, Amanda Betron. She can be contacted at 517-256-6889 or where she offers training at the Rochester Gym in Michigan.

“Sassy Spraytanning” Kristin Nouhan Interview

Kristin and her mother Sandy, co-own and operate Sassy Spraytanning as well as Suits by Sassy. They serve competitors for the finishing touches that are so crucial before an event. Kristin explains the importance of having the right color for the stage, as well as the differences each division demands for both depth of color and skin tone.

Kristin can be reached at 586-481-5994 for appointments. Be sure to schedule well enough in advance of your event so you can get the correct treatment. She will help you through the process and explains it more fully in this video. Enjoy!


Listen as National Level Competitor and trainer John Pitsch III explains the merits of posing practice and how proper practice and presentation make the difference for winning the title.