Best Posing Routines Anthology 1985 – The Pros


This is a tribute to the many great posers I have seen in the last 30 years of recording video for the Michigan and Midwest bodybuilding community.

Let’s start with some rarely seen IFBB Professional bodybuilders, Bob Paris and Kay Baxter. These were also the early days of video, so be lenient with the footage, it’s as good as could be preserved over 30 years and many, many format changes.

The second group is a nod to our own Michigan IFBB Pros, Lenda Murray, 8x Ms. Olympia, and Ron Love, the “Most Shows” man in the sport of bodybuilding over his career. I am blessed enough to consider each of these people as close, personal friends. They are two of the sweetest, most sincere and real people you’ll ever meet. Give them a note here, on Facebook or on Twitter and through my many channels to let them know you appreciate their dedicated effort and support as bodybuilding alumni and Hall of Fame members. As always, enjoy…

Physique Posing Fitness & Physique-Sarah Bodary


Sarah Bodary is a Fttness competitor and a Physique competitor. Her attention to detail in all aspects of the sport are phenomenal. She has her own style. From her suits and costumes, to her hairstyles, she shouts, “individual.”

Her fitness routine, seen here at the 2014 Flint/Mid-Michigan, was memorable. She had all the required moves and utilizes the stage over every inch; but she also accomplished the rare ingredient of bringing drama to the performance, by plotting out the course of a cat -burglar/cat-woman, in bad ass fashion, with push-ups, cartwheels, flips and handstands, punctuated by punches and kicks to finish off her invisible foe. It was as memorable as it was enjoyable.

When she cracks the whip, she brings it home; to show she even practiced that. The Devil was in the details of every bit of this splendid routine. This is where true athleticism shows for the women’s Fitness division.

Bodary next competes as a Physique competitor at the 2015 Flint Championships, owning the stage with poses to match the beat of the music; and once again, capitalizing on every inch of floor space across the stage.

We need more of this entertainment aspect in all divisions to save the physique sports from being “4-turns-to-trophy” shows.

What is Right (and Wrong) With This Routine


This is the Masters Division of the 2015 Nicole Wilkins Natural Michigan Championships.

Sam Awada is a seasoned bodybuilder. He trains at his own home gym and is also a doctor, with 4 kids as well.

Awada comes out with classic poses. He uses the stage well, from his entrance off-stage, to his strut to the opposite end. This draws the audience to his performance and shows his level of confidence and command of attention. Brilliant opening move.

He uses his arms and legs to show an open, welcoming posing style. He has nothing to hide. Despite his weaknesses, he performs open poses that reach across the space of the stage and he moves beautifully.

This is where we see he has the poses in his mind, but not fully in his body. He knows what he wants to look like, but he needed a bit more practice in both solidifying his poses and transitioning from one to the next.

He knows his back is his best feature and, he’s obviously showing off his striated glutes; all done in good taste, and rare to see in Men’s natural Masters competitions. He moves eloquently from one pose to the next, but again, he could have used a little more practice in bringing those poses home. He definitely used the stage well and was not afraid to traverse or come upstage toward the judges and audience. Another seasoned move.

The poses are held long enough and timed perfectly to the powerful music cues. He keeps attention and holds the audience with his charisma and smile. This is a real bodybuilder doing classic, bodybuilding poses, mixed in with dramatic effects. This was one of the best routines of the nightshow.

What do you think about this routine? Let me know by posting your answers here.

8xMs. Olympia LENDA MURRAY Interview Part One


Lenda Murray, 8 Time Ms. Olympia

Lenda Murray, 8 Time Ms. Olympia and Tom Typinski


This first of 4 interviews is an exclusive conversation with the phenomenal pioneer and ambassador in the sport of Women’s Bodybuilding, Lenda Murray. She is an eight time Ms. Olympia, the highest honor in the sport of physique competitions; a member of the IFBB Hall of Fame, an actress, an ESPN commentator and world recognized spokeswoman for the sport of professional bodybuilding. She is also a mother, grandmother and down to earth friend I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for her entire career, since she first stepped onto a bodybuilding stage here in her hometown of Michigan.

Part One details her early career as an athlete at Western Michigan University, then her quest to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader at the time when the cheerleaders were more famous than the team; and her eventual success with the short-lived UFL in Michigan.

She describes the early days of women in the workout realm from the perspective of the Powerhouse Gym Highland Park, the Mecca of Midwest bodybuilding where many, many professional bodybuilders were nurtured and developed, and many still are to this day. She stood out from the first step and recognized a passion for the sport as a bodybuilding competitor. She had much to learn and now has much to share with what it takes to get on stage in every division of Competitive Physique sports.

The next 3 parts of the Interview delve deeper into her past; with what being Ms. Olympia has meant to her, the opportunities, downfalls and realities it created; and lead right up to her present involvements as a promoter and outstanding spokeswoman for the sport of Physique Competition.

She is a dear friend whom I’m honored to know all these years; centered, blessed, down to earth, practical and real. And now, ladies and gentlemen, for you, The Lenda Murray Interview Part One.

“Sassy Spraytanning” Kristin Nouhan Interview

Kristin and her mother Sandy, co-own and operate Sassy Spraytanning as well as Suits by Sassy. They serve competitors for the finishing touches that are so crucial before an event. Kristin explains the importance of having the right color for the stage, as well as the differences each division demands for both depth of color and skin tone.

Kristin can be reached at 586-481-5994 for appointments. Be sure to schedule well enough in advance of your event so you can get the correct treatment. She will help you through the process and explains it more fully in this video. Enjoy!


Listen as National Level Competitor and trainer John Pitsch III explains the merits of posing practice and how proper practice and presentation make the difference for winning the title.


Michele Roscoe NPC Judge, Competitor, Trainer Interview Part I

Michele Roscoe is an NPC sanctioned judge, a certified trainer and a National level competitor. She first studied at the prestigious Dr. Kenneth Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas while stationed as an enlisted Air Force member. She continues to speak, write, teach, train and offer her varied expertise at the Flint Barbell Club (810-875-5288), where she coaches athletes and non-athletes in all aspects of nutrition, wellness, strength training and contest preparation.

Here, she gives her background as a competitor and conveys her lifelong passion for the sport of bodybuildng; as well as promoting an approach to sustaining a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.

She further explains the differences between the classes of competitive physique, bikini, figure and the newly formed women’s physique division.
She tells what she looks for as a judge of NPC competitive events, from Men’s Bodybuilding and Physique, to all aspects of the women’s divisions as both a judge and competitor. This interview had to be split into two parts to contain all her information. Enjoy.

Michele can be reached for training and wellness consultations at the Flint Barbell Club, 810-875-5288.

“Suits by Sassy” Kristin Nouhan Interview

Physique Posing will feature vendors and supporters to the sport of Physique Competitions and feature interviews with the people involved in all aspects. If you know of anyone who would like to be interviewed for this series, contact me in the comment box below.

Kristin Nouhan makes competitive suits for bikini, figure, fitness and women physique athletes, along with her mother, Sandy Barber. They started “Suits by Sassy” to serve the market of competitive physique shows. Their full line of suits cover some of the top bodies in the sport. As well as custom designed suits, they also carry off the rack styles.

They began designing and making suits after competing together for years as NPC Figure athletes. When the Bikini division came along, Kristin felt her body type was better suited for that division, while her mother continued to compete in figure. They still both compete in their respective divisions.

They formed “Suits by Sassy” to design high quality custom suits, made with eye-catching fabrics in styles that stand out on stage, while meeting the guidelines of competition. They began creating durable, beautiful bikinis to custom specifications and never looked back.

Here, Kristin tells a little bit of how they started, their background, and her personal involvement with the sport as a competitive physique athlete. They can be reached at: 586-481-5994 or