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On this site you will see the best examples of posing from every bodybuilding and physique division from novice to professional; from first show to pro.



DREAM VIDEO has been videotaping and recording Physique events for over 25 years. Through the years many trends, divisions, styles and types of bodies have come to the stage for exhibition. I’ve watched and participated in this evolution of styles, seeing many times over what makes a winner win, when shape, conditioning and muscularity or detail were narrowly different. Posing is the critical difference.


Sharing time with top competitors, judges, promoters, professional athletes and coaches has allowed me a distinctive insight into what makes a competitor stand out above the competition. This page will help the hungry competitor stand out in a crowd of able bodies, to rise to the top of the competition, and move on to the upper ranks of NPC and IFBB events.

PHYSIQUE POSING is not just a set of poses in a certain order. Many divisions do not even have a posing round, so this then comes down to presentation. The way one presents themselves to the judges and audience, to highlight their best attributes and hide their flaws, is critical to competition.

Physique Women

14 Michigan Physique Women


PHYSIQUE POSING has changed in many ways. A Figure competitor will not pose the way a Bikini competitor does, and though they are similar, a female Physique competitor does not pose like a female Bodybuilder; a male Bodybuilder will not pose in the same way as a male Physique competitor.

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The Physique Bikini Division is composed of the entry level of physique athletes in the sport of Bikini Competition. You may say these are the natural beauties, because they have the least amount of weight-trained muscle; but the competitions have grown exponentially and the quality of competitor has been turned up 11 notches. 90% of the women in the competitive bikini division now train with weights. You’ll see interviews and examples and advice from some of the women who have come up through the ranks.

14 Men Physique

14 Overall Midwest Muscle Challenge Physique Winner

Men’s Bodybuilding and Physique will also be covered here. You will learn the basic poses of compulsory, comparison and free posing rounds for bodybuilders; and the poses that make physique men appealing winners. You will learn nutrition tips and hear interviews with competitors, trainers, judges and pros.

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Physique Posing for the Figure, Fitness and Women Physique athletes will be fully detailed through tutorials, interviews, videos and insights from some of the top in the sport, with plenty of inspirational videos to give you great posing ideas.


Comments, questions, discussions and feedback are greatly encouraged. These sports have room for every level of athlete, and Physique Posing will show you the differences between each division; the requirements, and line ups of actual competitions; so even as a spectator you have a better understanding of this sport of Physique Competition. You will learn what the judges are looking for, the strengths of each division, how to compete, how to train, and how to win.

Physique Posing for the Competitive Athlete will be your visual and verbal warehouse to help you become an NPC or IFBB level competitor.

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